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Amplifier Systems, Inc.

Amplifier Systems, Inc. (ASI) is a world-class manufacturer of radio frequency (RF) amplifiers used in a diverse number of industries and applications. From its home offices and plant in Northridge, CA (USA), ASI has designed a number of highly specialized and unique custom RF amplifiers for use in scientific, medical, communications, industrial, and broadcast applications.


ASI's products are carefully designed with the customer and application in mind. From the onset, the needs of the customer are of primary importance to ensure that the design meets the specifications in full and offers the maximum in value for the intended use. Of paramount importance is rapid and responsive delivery. A key to the success of ASI is its ability to deliver in a rapid fashion keeping and ensuring program objectives and critical milestones are met.

ASI engineers design RF amplifiers using reliable tube or solid state designs for the maximum in efficiency and transfer of RF power to the load or applicator required. All aspects of the design, including the power supplies and related technology, as well as the RF circuitry, output matching and applicator or antenna, etc. are under the careful watch and control of ASI. The end result is an RF amplifier that performs and meets the objectives in the best and most reliable manner. Partnering with the customer has and is the best way to ensure that goals are met and the system performs as expected.

Product Range

ASI designs and manufactures a very diverse number of specialized RF products. Products cover frequencies from dc to over 1 GHz and are designed to solve customer's unique requirements for RF power.

ASI has unique design capabilities to produce high levels of RF peak power and average power. The experience in precision instrumentation techniques allows for designs which permit the accurate measurement of peak power during short pulse lengths - a difficult task, but one ASI has conquered with great success.

ASI's Markets and Experiences

ASI has manufactured a wide variety of RF amplifiers for various applications. Scientific applications using ASI amplifiers include those in particle physics and various research devices. Broadcast and Communications markets use ASI amplifiers and transmitters. Industrial markets include plasma generation and laser power supplies, test systems for EMC testing, induction and dielectric heating, etc. ASI has produced a large number of amplifiers used in the medical field in accelerators, hyperthermia research, and MRI.

Since the founding of the company, ASI has been a leader in achieving desired results for its customers. Rapid turn-around in meeting your needs can be accomplished due to our complete in-house capabilities. New solutions are not just a challenge to ASI -- they are a way of life.


If you need to contact us please let us hear from you.

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