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ASI Markets

ASI markets include a wide and diverse number of customers with numerous different applications for RF amplification. Because of this, ASI designs mostly custom systems tailored to the needs of a particular project or purpose. In addition to a large number of US customers, ASI has strong ties to far East markets in Japan and other Asian countries.


ASI amplifiers are used in R&D, laser excitation, accelerator power source, etc. where high linearity, proven performance, and design flexibility are key attributes. ASI amplifiers for scientific research can operate to over 1GHz in frequency.


A wide application frequency range of up to 1GHz is critical to be responsive to the needs of various medical applications such as hyperthermia, MRI, and PET systems. Rapid delivery of systems is crucial to program success with fast moving research or production in these important areas.


ASI manufactures FM broadcast amplifiers, linear HF communications amplifiers for SSB operation have been made with output power to 50KW.


Numerous applications use ASI amplifiers. Among those are systems used in wood drying and dielectric heating tasks. Laser power supplies at 40.68MHz have been designed and shipped. Plasma generators at 13.56MHz and up to 100KW are available for applications in a variety of industrial situations.

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